Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Midterm, Midterm, Midterm...Literally.

Yes folks,
It IS true.
I do have three midterms starting in almost exactly 24 hours.
Yes I am pulling my hair out.

How is it fair?
I get dumped by my boyfriend, my grandfather dies, and then I have to write three midterms. Oh midterm gods, you are so mean to me.

I just finished writing the sample chem midterm, and my first time straight through it I got 70%, but when I went back and checked my answers and stopped being an idiot I got them all right, so yay. But what if I'm an idiot on the midterm!?

And that's just CHEMISTRY.

I also have anthropology and zoology. I think I am going to leave anthropology studying for tonight after my lab and do more zoology studying now. Geeeeah!

I need somebody.
I'll take anybody.

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