Friday, October 10, 2008

What A Day.

I'm sitting here right now in the anticipation of what is going to happen shortly. Steve, his parent, and his sister are soon coming here to pick me up and take me home. That is going to be one emotionally charged hour and a bit for me. And earlier today I had to say goodbye to Ian and Kevin. So that makes me sad. And I just said goodbye to a bunch of people on my floor.

It is a sad day.

Speaking of sad, just my Dad is coming to my commencement tonight, my mom is in England right now, for sad reasons and my sister is now on her way to a place called Miner's Bay Lodge to work for the weekend. It's going to be me, my Dad and a big empty house. My first time home in six weeks, and it's not even going to be like home.

My Grandad's funeral was this morning, it's seven thirty pm there now, and I just wish more than anything that I could be there. I really could give a damn about school, or my commencement. I should be there. And I'm not.

It is a sad day.

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