Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rain, Rain, Rain.

Rain, Rain, Rain.
After my Zoology midterm this evening I decided to catch the bus to my Aunt and Uncle's house to hang out an regain some sanity. Ian was at his three hour night class, so Wednesday nights are always super lame and boring. The Zoology midterm was way harder than I expected, btw, my lab partner was sitting beside me in the exam and like swearing under his breath, it was very hard not to laugh. Anyways...back to the bus. I was feeling very picturesque on my way to the bus stop. I had my umbrella out and my pea coat on and I was listening to some awesome songs on my iPod that make me happy.

I love rain. I find the force of nature so invigorating. And cathartic. And beautiful.

Unfortunately, there will be no more happy rain, or at least until I can convince Steve that I'm worth caring about. I always told him I believed in happy rain, and he always told me that there was no such thing. And I guess now there won't be.
What the hell.
I can have happy rain if I want to have happy rain.
Loving someone is like handing them a hammer that they can use to crush you at will.
Love really isn't fair.
Why should I be all depressed and hurt while Steve gets to go out three nights a week to parties and Fu Bar, rubbing up against random girls.

I don't like having my emotions be dependent on someone else when they are misusing it.
It was all lovely and great when Steve was all yay Maya.
But now, it's just not cool.

Love - Gets you high for a while, but get ready for a serious crash.

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